Here's a sample list of what the Virtual Yooper family listens to!

My Kids Listen to:

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Pottercast - Harry Potter on the Air!

Mugglecast - More Harry Potter!

Daily Breakfast

The Zedcast (Family Story Telling)

Griddlecakes (Family Oriented Story Telling )

My Wife Listens to:

Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

The Virtual Yooper Listens to:

alll of the above, plus...

The PhilCast

Matt's Today in History

Radio QRM and LateNite QRM

Daily Source Code (The Podfather - not family friendly)

Digital Flotsam (Story Telling)

High Orbit - Matthew Ebel

Accident Hash with C.C. Chapman  

The Young Punx FM

TIKI Bar TV !!!  (Video - Mature Audience)

This Week In Tech with Leo Laporte

Tech 5 with John Dvorak

This Week In Amateur Radio

Coverville (Really Cool, check it out!)