VY1-26Jan2006                Intro - what this Podcast is going to be about
                                                                Waves - Smallfish
                                                                October Sky - Taylor Brown

                VY2-23Feb2006                 MTU Winter Carnival Show
                                                                Cardinal Brigade - Josh Woodward
                                                                Something Better - T. Nile

                VY3-28Feb2006                Segments with the Kids - Sledding - Watching the waves - Eagle River
                                                                Dreams of a Snowman - No Plastic Inside
                                                                In the Bleak Midwinter - Allison Crowe
                                                                Snow Drop - Kidmusic

                VY4-24Mar2006                Ooops - Accident at the farm - snowmobile trip recap
                                                                Rain - Mathiew Ebel
                                                                Sound Scientist - Bill
                                                                Trees - Mathiew Ebel

                VY5-06Apr2006                Nothing but audio of Waves at Copper Harbor Light House - Jan 06

                VY6-06Apr2006                Description of VY-5 - Waves at Copper Harbor  Light

                VY7-07Apr2006                Announce of remixed VY-5 - was not happy with audio quality of first upload

                VY8-21Apr2006                Link Fixed - Still not back in Copper Harbor / Explaination of the accident
                                                                Let it Rain - Laura Clapp
                                                                Easter in Snowshill - William Smith

                VY9-5May2006                First visit to the Keweenaw as a teenager in the 70's
                                                                Intro - Derek MIller (Penmachine.com)
                                                                Not on the Radio - Geoff Smith
                                                                Good Day - Natives of the New Dawn
                                                                Back Porch - Monkeyshine

                YC1-6May2006                Weekend music compilation - selections that did not fit into normal show format
                                                                Intro - Derek Miller (Penmachine.com)
                                                                Quit My Day Job - Geoff Smith
                                                                OS X on a Dell _ Oland
                                                                On a Podcast (clean mix) - Cruisebox
                                                                People - Natives of the New Dawn
                                                                Comcast Blues - Derek Miller
                                                                Back Porch - Monkeyshine
                YC2-15May2006                College Final / National Registry - Coffee Music Compilation Study Episode
                                                                Intro - Derek Miller (Penmachine.com)
                                                                Coffee Shop - Smallfish
                                                                Black Coffee - Chaz
                                                                Coffee Man - Calvin Owens
                                                                Stress - Jim's Big Ego
                                                                Bach Porch - Monkeyshine

                VY10-29May2006                Back in the Keweenaw! Stories and soundseeing tour on Memorial Weekend
                                                                Drive Away - Mathiew Ebel
                                                                Overcomer - Jessica Wright-Smith
                                                                Questions - Kathy Pfaffl
                                                                Back Porch - Monkeyshine

                YC4-02June2006                Memorial Day Music Mix
                                                                Baba Ganoush - Josh Woodward
                                                                Strange Day in Mexico - The Clintons
                                                                2 Car Garage - The Cool Waters Band
                                                                Afraid and Alone - Kevin Reeves
                                                                Betty - Lascivious Biddies
                                                                Sally Went Down - Mathiew Ebel

                VY11-18June2006                Father's Day 2006 - Longest Day Fishing Tourney
                                                                Show Note - Norland Motel closed last fall, not last weekend.
                                                                Never Said Ever - Mojo Perry - Album Closer to the Far Away
                                                                Midnight Sun - Josh Woodward
                                                                Come With Me - The Clintons
                                                                Back Porch - Monkeyshine

                VY12-1July2006.mp3        Fourth Of July Weekend - Yooper Geek Cast
                                                                Roger Smalls Jingle - With permission from Geoff Smith
                                                                Wireless in New Hamsphire - www.radioQRM.com
                                                                Get Together - T. Nile
                                                                Talk Louder - David Ippolito
                                                                MIdnight - Jim
                                                                Back Porch - Monkeyshine

                VY13-21Aug2006.mp3        Dry Summer in the Keweenaw
                                                                Cassandra Kubinski - Cradle the Moon
                                                                Christopher Dallman - Mistake
                                                                Christopher Dallman - Over My Head
                                                                Andy Guthrie - Come Out of the Rain
                                                                Libman and Hudson - Packer Prayer
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch        

Eagle River Cascades, Houghton County Fair, Fat Tire, Wedding Event, first
                                                cut, live to disk edition. Errors and all :-) Part 1 of 2. I have a lot of material and
                                                photos from these visits and events.

                                                                Castaway - Endless Summer
                                                                Kathy Pfaffl - Through it All
                                                                Eric Dietrich - Small Favors
                                                                Mojo Perry - Upcoming Album Outtake - by artists permission

                VY15-15Oct2006.mp3        End of Summer / Indian Summer Edition, with Audio Plus slide show. Use
                                                Winpodder to view the pictures and listen to the show. Various Sound Seeing
                                                tours, one audio oops, and lots of good music.

                                                                The Shakes and Lady A - Liberty Jones
                                                                Lienka - The Muse
                                                                Lee Coulter - Ocean
                                                                Lascivious Biddies - Caste That ballot
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch

                VY16-04Nov2006.mp3        The Virtually Displaced Yooper Episode. Listen as I travel up the coast of
                                                California and discuss goings on back home. My apologies to The Alice Project
                                                for not getting their name into the podcast.

                                                                Boffus - Lantern Moon
                                                                Katy Wehr - Trouble and Sorrow
                                                                The Alice Project - This is it
                                                                The Border Blasters - Next Time You See Me
                                                                Lienka  - Somehow My Love
                                                                Michael Gaither - Entertaining an Angel
                                                                Lee Coulter - House of Blues

                VY17-15Nov2006.mp3        Recorded from our farm in WI, this is the pre Thanksgiving episode. Glad to be
                                                back from California, and getting ready for the next load of stuff to bring up to
                                                home in the Keweenaw.
Intro - Barry and Jash - www.radioqrm.com
                                                                Cassandra Kubinski - River to an Ocean
                                                                Matthew Ebel - Every Color
                                                                Black Lab - See The Sun
                                                                Null Device - Walk In London

                VY18-02Dec2006.mp3        Finally back in the Keweenaw! Got here just in time, even if I forgot to pack a
                                                things. Confused about the Bell Buoy reference? Listen to show 17.
                                                                Doolin - The Worlds End / The College Groves /
                                                                           The Maid Behind the Bar
                                                                John Alberici - Skipper
                                                                Lee Coulter - Photograph
                                                                Dan LaVoie - Long Distance Phone Call
                                                                Roni Arbo and Daisy Mayhem - Road To Heaven
                                                                Geoff Smith - Some Christmas Huggin and Kissin
                                                                The Alice Project - Re-gifting For the Holidays
                                                                Dust Rhinos - Jedi Drinking Test
                                                                Monkeyshine - Back Porch

                VY19-05Dec2006.mp3        Sound seeing tour during a snowy first weekend in December for the hard core                                                                 Keweenaw fans. New music from the Podsafe Music Network can be found at
                                                music.podshow.com. Slideshow in audio+ format.
                                                                Anne Davis - Elevator Music
                                                                The Alice Project - Drummer Boy
                                                                John Alberici - Sincerely
                                                                Motherlode - I Wonder as I Wander
                                                                Jennifer Avalon - What Child Is This
                                                                Codie Prevost - Christmas in The Country

                VY20-20Dec2006.mp3        December Thaw, and the end of the sleepy time of year in the Keweenaw!
                                                The winter season is about to come to life. And, of course, Christmas Music!
                                                Radio QRM promo.

                                                                Matthew Ebel - Walk A Thousand Miles
                                                                Derek K Miller - We Three Kings
                                                                Allison Crowe - What Child Is This
                                                                Benjamin Shafer Band - O Come O Come Emmanuel
                                                                Geoff Smith - My Own Merry Christmas
                                                                Ayla Brown - Breath of Heaven
                                                                Allison Crowe - Silent Night

                VY21-22Dec2006.mp3        Virtual Yooper Cafe - Christmas Edition - with apologies to C.C. Chapman.
                                                Here are some more of my Christmas picks for 2006.
                                                                The New Autonomous Folk Singers - O Holy Night
                                                                Allison Crowe - The First Noel
                                                                Ray Greene / Dow Brain - Silent Night
                                                                Uncle Seth - O Come All Ye Faithful
                                                                Jimmie Bratcher - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
                                                                Charlie Crowe - Little Drummer Dude
                                                                Derek K Miller - We Three Kings
                                                                Benjamin Shafer Band - O Come Emanuel